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Stolen CUBE AMS 130 SL 20"

smeagolsmeagol Posts: 3
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Hey guys,

my first post here and wish it were not under the topic 'Stolen'.

These little scums have no morals and certainley no understanding at how we mortal souls save and save to depart from our hard earned cash. this is why we do these sports to get away from our stressed fuelled lives but it just seems to apply more stress when our personal possesions get taken away from us.

Anway, rant over.....

My lovely Cueb was stolen on the night of the 1 March at 1:30am Thursday morning from Bermondsey close to London bridge. it was locked to my girlfriends Dawes Dutches with a ABUS granite extreme to a steel post fixed into the wall. this was subsequently ripped out the wall by supposedly 5 males which were caught on our local CCTV footage walking down the stairs with both bikes still joined together.

Please keep a look at for my bike as its only 4 days old and just such a lovely bike. However, i do have insurance which i took out at the time of purchasing the bike which I do not wish to use if I have to.

Here is a short youtube link showing my bike -> ->
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