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Backpacking and staying bike fit

SimontheintrepidSimontheintrepid Posts: 128
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So, something a little different to the usual cycle touring threads. I'm planning a three month backpacking trip to Southern Asia (gonna find myself in Gapistan yah) but have rarely been off the bike more than two weeks since I got hooked in 2010. I'm training pretty consistently at the moment and have never in my life been this fit. I've not traditionally been a 'fit' person so cycling has been a revelation and I really don't want to have a drop in form if I can help it.

Two questions:
1) What are the best cycling or non-cycling activities or exercises I can do to keep the fitness up while I'm on the move?
2) Basically, anywhere in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia (I'm not going to Borneo though), could anyone recommend any good places to go, hire a (decent!) bike and get lost for the day? I'm a roadie but having said that, if there's ever a time to turn to the dark side, I guess this would be it.

Cheers dudes


  • PieterMPieterM Posts: 167
    ad 1) I'd take a pair of trail runners along and try to do some running, preferably some hill repeats if you are not used to running and want to keep it short to avoid running-related injuries. This will at least keep your cardio fitness up. Major towns hopefully will have gyms to do the odd spinning session and some leg exercises.
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