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hitchen92hitchen92 Posts: 264
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Been into Evans cycles and think i e decided on buying a new Bianchi Via Nirone xenon at £950. It was between this and e Cannondale Caad for the same price but e looks of the Bianchi have taken it for me I think. what do you guys think? Has anyone ridden one that could give me some feedback before I take the plunge and it later on today?

Also Evans are doing a deal and giving me £120s worth of free accessories and I need some lights! I'm going to be cycling on unlit roads in the dark so need something fairly bright so I can see. I've looked at the Exposure Spark mk2, will this be bright enough? Or will I need something brighter?

Cheers for all your help!



  • Tony-JTony-J Posts: 53
    Well I've just bought the Caad 8 105 from Evans on the same deal. Waay fast. Put it through it's paces by cycling to Hexham last Friday, lots of climbing. It's a great climber, really shins up hills and flies on descents. Stable. Very taught frame with very aggressive power transfer. I've been riding 30 years and this frame is the best I've ridden. Not a harsh ride at all I don't think contrary to popular legend, actually more comfortable than my steel 531 Raleigh. I work nights and cycle in the dark all year round. you really need just cheep LED lights, a set of cateye or some such that's all. £30 should do it and some rechargeable batteries. You're eyes adapt. Use the rest of the freebees for spd pedals, road pump and something like an altura arran seat post pack.. my pennies worth anyway. buy the bike that really rocks your boat. Enjoy, oh and Evans gave me the wrong discount code so watch out although they fixed it.
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