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front chain ring suggestions for a 9 speed 29 er

hocombewoodhocombewood Posts: 7
edited March 2012 in MTB beginners
hi, having sold my Genesis IOID to fund building a 29er with rigid forks. I am mainly doing gravel tracks and not much downhill. I want to convert the bike from 27 speed to 9 speed. I've got a 11-34 rear cassette and XTR long mech. Is there a typical front chain ring to use with this sort of set up ? I am a bit of a fat b4rstard so 53 front might be pushing it a bit on the climbs :D Just interested in if there is a program that works out what ratios work well ? I was thinking 36 or 38 front or maybe a 44 ?

I apologise if this seems a stupid question, but just trying to avoid expense of getting it wrong.

thanks Jules


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