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Indexing gears, internal cables.

jamienortonjamienorton Posts: 182
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So had my new bike for a month now, had some trouble with certain gears slipping this morining, so guess a bit of adjustments needed, usually no problem on the mtb usually just follow the park tools guide (slacken off the cables and pull the cables by hand on the downtube whilst adjusting limit screws). At the moment ill probably get away with just playing with the barrel adjusters. But no doubt in the future a full gear service will be required, so any tips on adjusting internally routed gear systems, 105 btw. Probably a daft question like, but oh well.


  • itsnotaraceitsnotarace Posts: 516
    Barrel adjusters will remove any slack from the cable. If you run out of adjustment on the barrel adjuster it's probably time to replace the stretched cable lol
  • bobgfishbobgfish Posts: 545
    The road bike is basically the same as the MTB. However from your description you are not doing it very well. The high and low limit screws generally need to be set once and thats it. Tension then needs to be adjusted on the cables for correct indexing. MTB usally have this on both shifter units (Well Shimano do) and also on the rear mech.

    Road bikes are much the same but missing the adjustment on the shifters. They usually have this on the down tube cable stops or if it's routed internally you can get in line tensioners. The road bike still has the adjustment on the rear mech.

    Generally if you have poor shifting a tweak of tension say quarter or half a turn is enough to sort it out. If not look for worn or very dirty chain. Also worn spockets.
  • jamienortonjamienorton Posts: 182
    bobgfish wrote:
    The high and low limit screws generally need to be set once and thats it.
    Where was you 6 months ago, i feel i probably should have known this. Yes its got inline adjusters and one on rear mech, thanks. You probably saved me from getting a bit spanner happy.
  • bobgfishbobgfish Posts: 545
    You only asked the question 3 days ago. Six months ago I was probably riding my bike in the sun and warmth.
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