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Front tyre please

supafly1982supafly1982 Posts: 631
edited March 2012 in MTB buying advice
Im looking for a decent front tyre, no larger than 2.35.

I am going to be running a Maxxis Advantage 2.1 on the rear. I have a minion singleply 2.35 in the shed but they aint too fast on pedaly stuff and also on loose small stone surface they wash out pretty easy, but i fond them a great tyre, rail corners well and they gave me confidence.....on a long distance trip i dont know.

I will be riding the West Highland way which is 95 miles. Starts off on road/paths for 15- 20 miles or so then its rocky,loose stoney singletrack up and down some Munro's

will need a durable tyre thats tough, not too heavy, not skittish on rocky stuff in dry or wet, ST are out the question as will not last the distance and slow me down, im not super fit so will sacrifice a bit of grip for easy rolling.

reccomendations please :)


  • From what you've described, I'd put another Advantage on the front. Or, put your current Advantage on the front and a Crossmark / Aspen on the rear.
  • yeah i was considering another advantage, got a new minion in the shed 60a, will try it around here, just repairing a high roller 2.35 aswell so will try it out too, see how they compare, then i might get another advantage
  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    Would have to be a 2.25 Ardent or a 2.35 HRII imo. Ardents are big, floaty things and can take the knocks. The tall, flexible sidewall takes the edge off acceleration but holds speed well. HRIIs are somewhere between Ardents and your 2.35 Minion - ultimately grippier than an Ardent but draggier.

    Both very good tyres.
  • supafly1982supafly1982 Posts: 631
    Hi Blitz, so you reckon the Ardent rolls better than the HRII?

    Ive bought an Advantage 2.1 for the rear to try and a Panaracer XC CG (cedric gracia) 2.1 will just keep swapping them all about to see what they all ride like on various terrain and conditions
  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    Ardent rolls better in a different kind of way. The tread is shallower so there's not much resistance but the carcass is quite flexible unless pumped up hard, by which time its pinging off everything and not much use at all.

    HRII has a stiffer, more direct feeling carcass but deeper tread blocks so there is some squirm going on. Ardent most excellent on hardpack and loamy terrain going into mud, HR not so hot on hardpack but better in rubble and loose/wet conditions.
  • supafly1982supafly1982 Posts: 631
    great, thanks Blitz
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