I cant figure it out...

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I bought this

http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... elID=42196

Which apparently has a reversible head so i can pump up my presta valve tubes... but....

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it, i mean it has a few things which can be swapped about etc and ive watched videos on the internet but... maybe im just stupid but.... its frustrating haha


  • Wirral_paul
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    Usually its just a case of unscrewing the plastic cap and under that is a rubber piece, and below that a plastic thingy (thats the technical name - honest!!). Reverse both and put them back in, then refit the cap.
  • Ive done but then... when i put the pump on it just wont lock, ive just bought an adaptor to save the trouble but, well i need to pump it tonight haha it just wont work!
  • rake
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    sometimes they lock with the lever up rather than down.
  • I got one yesterday. Not tried it yet, but I took out the soft rubber bit and the harder plastic bit, turned both of them round, put them back together and it seemed right. I'll check if it works tonight and post any pearls of wisdom . There's only so many ways the three bits (pump, rubber ring, plastic insert) can be put together - one of them must work :)
  • rake wrote:
    sometimes they lock with the lever up rather than down.

  • bails87
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    I had a pump where the inside of the valve had 2 parts. you had to take them apart, then flip them both over, then put them back together. It would have been very easy (in fact I think I did this) to not realise they came apart, just flip it to face the opposite direction as one piece and then put it back together and wonder why it doesn't work.

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