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hey guys ive got a lead on a 3 speed fixed wheelset, anyone have experience with commuting alot on one of these puppies? is it for real convenient? its a sturmey archer. also whats lash? ive read its a zero lash ( bad thing?) but i dont really know what that means, can anyone fill me in? kinda stoked cause itll fit a really old bike i have laying around.


  • pete.whelan
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    I've got a bike with a SA ASC 3 sp fixed hub. There is a bit of back lash, which is necessary to allow the gear to change. Some people think it is too much, but you get used to it. It's a bit like having a loose chain sort of feel.

    With the ASC hub make sure you have the ASC shifter otherwise it won't work correctly (slipping gear). Even with the correct shifter you do need to set up the cables carefully.

    All said, it's a very smooth pedal experience, and great for those strong head/tail wind days, etc
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  • smeat
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    oooh thats what lash is thank you! i rock a loose chain all the time anyway. stoked to pick this stuff up today :D
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    Cool. My first bike had a three gear sturmey archer ... Was state of the art
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    I've never used one but the whole idea doesn't really appeal to me...
    Isn't the simplicity and lack of things to go wrong a very large part of the appeal of riding fixed?
    This must be a very niche market.