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High Sierra Drench - hydration pack

roundthebendroundthebend Posts: 205
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Hi folks

Another query I'm afraid....

Having recently got interested in riding MTB trails I'm looking at getting a bag to carry some kit and fluids. I expect I'll be spending 3 to 4 hours on the bike and will be on purpose built trails with facilities as well as some "wild" rides. I should imagine I'll want to carry the typical stuff - jacket, 1st aid, pump, tools, snack etc.

I found this pack on ebay - High Sierra Drench which is 9L total and includes a 2L reservoir. Looks pretty decent spec though I can't find anywhere else in the UK that sells this brand. I first heard of them from the Singletrack website (can I say that here?) which has a review of one of their bags which is positive.

Couple of questions that might help me decide what to buy....

What size should I look at? Is 9L too big/small?

Should I put the quality of the reservoir ahead of the features of the bag? I ask this because the top branded reservoirs tend to be £20 - £30 which suggests that the High Sierra one is a compromise on all fronts and I may be better off just getting a Camelbak setup from the off.

Thanks in advance.


  • I have the same bag in Blue :wink:

    SWMBO bought it for me from Costco and is a great bag. I've not had any issues with any part of it although the mouthpiece is starting to leak after 2 years of riding. I still find it very waterproof and it looks to last me another couple of years quite easily.

    I also use mine for commuting, its just big enough for some water for the 17mile ride (each way) along with a waterproof and my lunch+snacks/tools & spare inner tube 8)

    At that price I would go for it, I've had Camelbacks in the past but much prefer this bag

  • Cheers.
    With that review I went ahead and ordered one in green.
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