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Revelation 426 damper blown bottom circlip out

GTD.GTD. Posts: 626
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I was riding to work and rode up the curb into work at speed with the pushlock lock out on and heard a thunk

When I went to ride home the fork felt weird the lock out wasn't working properly and neither was the rebound.

only commute 2 miles so took it easy on way back

Stripped the fork down to find the circlip at the bottom of the csu on the damping side had pinged out and was sat on the rubber bumper at the base of the lowers.

Aint got my internal circlip pliers handy so cant do much tonight just drained the oil and rebuilt minus the circlip so I don't loose any internal parts.

Should I just re strip the forks, clean everything with isopropyl alcohol and refill with the right fork oils? then rebuild the fork and use less flood gate or will it just keep on happening?
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  • 1mancity21mancity2 Posts: 2,355
    Hard to say if it will keep happening, could have been loose from new or from the last service/strip down all you can do is put it back together and see what happens unless its damaged in some way then replace parts as needed.
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  • Neal_Neal_ Posts: 477
    ^ ditto, just put it back together and see how it is then replace the circlip if it happens again. Less flood gate is a good idea too.
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