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In a pickle...

arussiansniperarussiansniper Posts: 36
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Hi guys!

I've always enjoyed getting out on my bike but recently i've become a little obsessed. I just can't get enough to be honest and i've even manged to get my missus' to take an interest! :D

I've had my GT Avalanche 3.0 Disc for about 3 years now and as I've moved a little further away from work i think it's about time i upgraded. My ride to work is pretty much 50/50 road and off road. I work on a Golf Course and absolutely love the last blast through the woods to get there. I don't plan to do any sort of riding in particular, just the same as i've done for the last few years, a bit of absolutely everything...

I've been looking at a couple of bikes and i would love to hear some of your opinions. I am going to buy from Sunset MTB as i've bought loads from them and i'm sticking to what i know best.

The two bikes i've been looking at- Orange Crush 2011 and the Kona Tanuki 2012.
You can see what's happening here, hardtail or full sus, fork travel......i just don't bloody know!

If anybody wants to have a look on their website and throw any other bikes into the mix feel free. I'm looking at spending £1800 top end really. I'm 6 foot and have a 32'' inside leg!

Thanks in advance guys!

Cannondale SL1 2012

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