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Cross training?

scarbs85scarbs85 Posts: 170
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Wondering what kind of things are best for cross training to boost fitness for the bike. I've embarked on a fitness regime, with some quick sessions before work each morning. So far I've been running 3 mornings a week and weights two mornings (I appreciate weights maybe dont help biking, but they do help with looking buff :wink: ) whilst getting out riding as and when I have time, which will be more and more as the nights draw out.

Just interested in what other training folks do other than getting out on the bike itself, and what things are best to boost fitness and strength. Is cross training worth it, or is the best bike fitness earned simply by being on the bike?


  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 44,072
    The best fitness training for my MTB'ing (apart from MTB'ing) is road riding - helps with the aerobic fitness and works the same main muscles. Can be quite handy when you haven't got time to travel to wherever you go mountain biking, or when the trails are iced up like a few weeks ago.

    Also it's much less boring for me than running or swimming, which I also do a bit of but don't enjoy as much.

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  • Cross-training means using exercises and other activities to enhance aspects of your physiology which your main workout doesn’t hit. Cross-training will offer a number of benefits which include injury prevention, burning calories, increasing endurance and simple rejuvenation from the joy you may experience in taking part in something absolutely new.
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