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Rear brake question

Loretta DamageLoretta Damage Posts: 270
edited February 2012 in Workshop
I've got Shimano brakes on my Focus, the bike has been sat in the garage over winter while I've been overseas (fully serviced before going away). Rear brake now sticks on, it won't release unless I actually pull the callipers apart. I've tried tightening the cable and the barrel adjuster but no luck - any ideas?


  • n1ckstern1ckster Posts: 158
    I had a very similar issue, which I resolved this weekend by replacing the cables and cable housing. Now they are super smooth and feel great again.

    To check that it is the cables, remove the cable from the rear brake (so that the calipers fully expand) and try moving the brake blocks onto the rim by had, to see if the calipers are sticky. If they are smooth, the chances are it is the cable sticking inside the outers somewhere.

  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    ^ wot he said. You need to determine whether the fault lies with the caliper or the cable. 90% of the time it's the cable.
    If the cable is sticking, you might get away with just lubrication and replacing the inner cable, but in my experience it is far better to replace inners and outers.
  • Thanks for the advice, I got away with lubricating the cables. Now it works like new again.
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