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New forks - travel vs stiffness (axle size).

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Bit long winded, bear with me.

Might be Monday morning mindmelt but can't think straight on this one right now.

Have a bit of cash left over this month to bring forward my bike spending plans this year a bit.

Having ridden at Whinlatter and Cannock this last couple of weeks it's become clear that my heavy 100mm forks (Society Xeno) aren't up to the trail riding job I want them to do. They are mighty stiff and strong (36mm stanchions and 20mm bolt-through) but not quite enough travel and starting to feel a bit steep on the downs.

My current wheels (Azonic Outlaw) are swappable between 9mm QR and 20mm, so that limits my fork choice a bit.

My shopping list for the year is (in no particular order) -

a steel HT frame (BFe is favourite)
some longer travel forks (between 120mm and 150mm or adjustable)
new wheels (if I need to)

Figuring a fork swap is the most immediately noticable change I can make and seen decent prices on both 120/150mm Sektors and Marzocchi 44s at CRC. The Sektors come in ether 9mm Qr or 20mm maxle and the 44s are 9mm QR.

So my question is, given that right now I can only afford forks and not forks plus new wheels (for a 15mm set up), would I see huge amounts of difference in steering stiffness stepping 'backwards' to a 9mm QR to get the Marzocchis, or would I be better off sticking to a 20mm axle and getting the Sektors?

Whichever, I need forks that can be adjusted down to 130mm or below while I still have my current Mr Hyde frame. Riding style is HT AM/trail centre red type stuff. Also a Marzocchi fan since I rode Bombers for years in the early 2000s (have never ridden RS forks except short spins on mates bikes - big fan of SRAM in other areas though).

All opinions/alternatives (except save up and buy stuff together - we all know that doesn't work in a male brain) welcome.

slainte :?: rob


  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    hmmmm tough one, i presume the 44's in question are the RC3 Ti's they have stupidly cheap? If so, its probably entirely worth it in the long run, I was thoroughly impressed with the pair I rode a few years back, and the 2011 models they have cheap should be better still. superstar do cheap front wheels that can take a pasting, so check them out too
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