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Climbing the Old Hoseshoe Pass from Eglwyseg

Has anyone got an idea of the % gradient to the climb of the Old Horseshoe Pass (Llangollen) from Eglwyseg as I cant find any details on
This comes out at the back of the Pondorosa Cafe on the top of the pass.
I climbed it yesterday on a training ride and I have to say it was brutal, only 1.5km long but way steeper than anything else in the area.


  • NickelNickel Posts: 505
    You tried searching for it as a segment on strava? If you're not on strava it only takes a minute to make an account.
  • Thanks, Had a look at strava and it looks very good.
    Was able to use Memory map to get the distance and accent - 1560 metres and 201 meters climb.
  • dodgydodgy Posts: 2,890
    I've ridden it a few times, I categorise it as a bit of a monster, one of those climbs where on a bad day you will be putting your foot down. And if it's wet, traction is a real problem up and down.
  • Hi dodgy, I would not fancy that climb in the wet as I just about managed it in the dry with a 34x28T compact chainset and then I kept looking down for another granny gear!
  • Ron StuartRon Stuart Posts: 1,242
    Done this a few times as well used to be part of the old Horseshoe Audax from Shrewsbury my guess is the idiot who was told to put the 20% sign on the main (new) Horseshoe climb rely should have put it on the Old Horseshoe Pass. These mapping tools for routes are rubbish when it comes to gradients ridewithgps has parts of the New Horseshoe Pass at over 30%!! The old horseshoe is definitely steeper certainly average as you only have to measure height gained verses distance.
  • Wirral_paulWirral_paul Posts: 2,476
    At the worst point, its around 19-20% and averages around 13%. The new Horseshoe doesn't get much past 10%, and is mostly much less.

    You'll have to try the World's End climb in the same area - thats a bit of a killer up near the top just over the ford where it hits 25% :D
  • iplodiplod Posts: 83
    Hats off to you all for getting up that. I've only ever been down it and that was hard enough !!!
    SOLITUDE. It's not for everyone.

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  • alan_aalan_a Posts: 1,377
    I did World's End, Old Horseshoe then down and up New Horseshoe today. Wet, windy and great fun.

    I had no previous knowledge of the ford on World's End as I hurled down the 25% descent. SURPRISE! The river was high and the bottom of the ford very slippery. Much adrenaline was produced produced... And almost very dirty bib shorts :oops:

    Fun times.
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