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DT Swiss XR30 rims and Continental Sport Contact 26 x 1.3

nicholasjnicholasj Posts: 100
edited February 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
After some help as my research has come to nil - I have a Scott Scale 30 with DT Swiss XR30 wheelset.

I'm looking at putting some slicks on it, wondering if Continental Contact Sport 26 x 1.3's will fit on the rims ok?

Cant find any advice as to whether they will be too narrow for the rim or be ok?

Also, rim states that max pressure to be run on it is 4 bar or 60 odd psi. I was hoping to run the slicks at near max pressure being round 80 psi but wondering if they will handle the extra pessure above their recommended level ok?

Thanks for any advice
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