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These all look stolen. Giant Reign 2, Norco Shore 2 and more

TomFFTomFF Posts: 7
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All of the items in this guys past and present sales look stolen.
Have a look, do you recognise any of them?
Past sales:

Currently for sale:

Reasons for suspicion:
In the blurb for the Giant Reign: "i originally bought the bike off swapz off a guy in leeds when i got it home i checked it ova to find the numbers underneath wasnt there but you can see were it has been resprayed only when the bike is upside down never really bothered me"

He's also turned over a lot of high value, easily stolen goods recently.


  • TomFFTomFF Posts: 7
    Looks like he doesn't live too far from me. I'm tempted to ask if I can go round to look at the reign so I can have a nosey, see if he's got mine there as well.

    It would be better if someone could get a possitive ID on one of the bikes and get the police round though.
  • So dodgy, checkout the Orange Five in ebay history. It has no decals and the background of the pictures even has spray paint on the walls behind the bike in the same colour! someone needs to contact Manchester Police to take a look..
    He even states the Giant has the serial numbers removed!
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,532
    Even more worrying - behind the orange there are loads of car keys hanging on hooks! Of course this could mean that he works in a garage and the spray on the walls has nothing to do with the bike respray.
  • Keys on hooks!! It's a 'cut and shut' garage as well! either that or you're in on it too.. ?!
  • It'd be nice to think that GMP would investigate, but from my recent experience, the police merely record bike thefts, not investigate. The other thing is, if you actually see the information that the police record for bike thefts, you'd realise that even if the police recover stolen bikes, there's little chance of getting them back to the owners. I continue to search for mine, but don't expect anything from the constabulary. They had two clear sets of footprints (expensive footwear), two sets of bolt-croppers left at the scene, and all I get is an apathetic counter clerk, bordering on rude, to deal with.
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