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Searching for old Sakae / SR Chainset

afflictedpipafflictedpip Posts: 4
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I have an old “SR” chainset – the chainring is worn out on it, and it’s so old I can’t find replacement rings.

I wondered if it’d be possible to find a replacement chainset? I bought a Shimano Sora chainset, but because the back of it is not in any way recessed, when it is fitted it is too wide meaning my front mech can’t shift the chain onto the big ring.

The alternative is a new bottom bracket with narrower axel, but that’s more expense.

This has photos showing what I mean:

Just wondered if anyone knows where I might find a replacement for the old chainset

I have checked on ebay and on google, but as the chainset is so old, I think I am out of luck.

Any advice much appreciated.



  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    A new BB isn't that expensive - I've just bought a new Stronglight chainset for my tourer and that has exactly the same problem. So they've also sold me a new Stronglight bottom bracket. £10 and they last forever.

    Talk to Spa cycles though. You may find suitable rings for the old chainset; it depends on the bolt spacing (BCD) - if you post a picture of the old crank, it should be possible to work this out. Spa Cycles have a fair range of different BCD chainrings and they can also be found on Ebay.
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