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QR stuck and juicys bust

fredyfredy Posts: 308
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Hello all,
I have an 09 carrera fury and the QR for the front wheel (QR15, epicon fork) is stuck and i cant remove it, i may have tried drowning it in WD40 and hitting it with a hammer but to no avail.
Also, i can pull the level all the way to the handle bars on one of my brakes (avid juicy 3). I have tried to bleed it many times with both an epic bleed kit and an avid one but both suffer from the same problem, air is drawn into the syringe where the tube connects to the spout of the syringe. I am thinking about using super glue to fuse the two parts together, creating a better seal but worry that it may become brittle and crack.
Does anyone have any ideas how to fix these problems? they are really doing my nut!



  • axel needs a block of wood against it and hit it harder.... put a tie wrap around the tube/syringe tip to get a better seal
  • fredyfredy Posts: 308
    Good ideas! i like them, thanks.
  • GiraffotoGiraffoto Posts: 2,078
    Sorry if this is a completely daft question, but when you say "the QR is stuck" do you mean that you can't undo the QR lever, or that you've got the lever out, unscrewed and on the table beside you and the wheel still won't budge?
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  • fredyfredy Posts: 308
    QR just wont come out. It's a chunky bit of metal, i think its bonded to the forks over winter from dirt or corrosion.

    Another issue i have at the moment:I have a KMC chain that came with my canyon that i want to take off but cant get the damn quick link off. Any ideas for this one?
  • 386ka386ka Posts: 479
    It's a thru-axle 15mm, not really QR. Don't have any idea how to fix that really, apart from some penetrating fluid...

    For the KMC chain, use degreaser, or wd-40 on the quick link to remove the dirt, then try again...
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  • pilchpilch Posts: 1,136
    These... bit of a luxury, but make things a lot easier
    A berm? were you expecting one?

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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    pilch wrote:
    These... bit of a luxury, but make things a lot easier
    Give me a break.
    Squeeze the plates together, push each end of the chain and it will loosen.
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  • waby1234waby1234 Posts: 571
    fredy wrote:
    QR just wont come out. It's a chunky bit of metal, i think its bonded to the forks over winter from dirt or corrosion.

    That surprises me - the QR on my Fury is spotless. No corrosion, and no dirt seems to get on the axle. Obviously I don't know what kind of terrain you are riding on, or how you've stored the bike though.

    When you do get it out and cleaned up it's worth a wipe over with a cloth with some lubricant on it on a regular basis.
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  • fredyfredy Posts: 308
    That's what is odd about it, i do keep it clean and lubed. The whole bike is well maintained (except for these problems obviously).
    Tried long and hard with the chain but no luck. Further investigation shows that some KMC chains come with a disposable "missing link" which isn't designed to come off with out a tool. My guess is this is what is on my bike so the plan is to use a chain tool to pop it off and fit a new proper "QR" link in.
    I will try this weekend to get the axle out using the block of wood and mallet technique and i'll also try using cable ties to fix the bleed kit. I did try cable ties on the old bleed kit but to no avail. Maybe thinner cable ties would work better, if not i may even try heat shrink or polymorph but i don't hold high hopes for it.
  • I7 ExtremeI7 Extreme Posts: 228
    If my reply isnt too late i would sugest using a chain breaker to take a pin out the chain and put it back together again. I bought a cheap chain breaker and its worked fine on chains with a Quick fit or snap in teqnique. I'm not sure about kmc chains and chain splitters. (If you buy a cheap one on ebay Dont buy the red and black ones) + To get the QR off try a chain wrench if you have one or a hamer
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