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  • rozzer32rozzer32 Posts: 3,683
    It's a fake
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  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    Hmmm. It has Pinarello's name on it but they tell you it's fake and their feedback is less than 97%. I can smell the stink of this seller all the way from China to the UK and back again to the west coast of the USA. If you want an inexpensive Chinese frame don't buy one painted with a pirated name from a company that has been involved in sponsoring pro race teams and developing frame construction and design since before most of the chinese makers were out of their diapers.
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    Only a fool would consider it.
  • UK seller with a one year warranty , i have bought stuff from him , and he is a good person to deal with . Its a lightweight Chinese import frame and forks for £350 .
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  • RonBRonB Posts: 3,984
    He is dealing in fakes, not for me thanks.
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