Islabike = double thumbs up!!

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Last Easter we adopted a nearly 3 year old girl, she came with a Concept Princess 12" bike that she could just about ride with the stabilizers both contacting the ground, we perservered with it as she loved the bike but it was very heavy, awkward and not the easiest thing to get on with. Having tried taking the pedals off and all the other gubbin's off it she tried using it as a balance bike most of the summer but anytime we went out as a family she was in the seat of the back of the wife's bike while I had her 5 year old brother on the trail gator (another story there).
Anyway I eventually put the pedals back on and she used to ride around the block quite easily but I had read lots of things on here regards true balance bikes and also Islabikes. At Christmas she got a Rothan as a complete surprise and was out on it Christmas day, she found it very easy to get used to and I was soon running to keep up with her as it must weigh half that of the Princess bike, since Christmas she has done a fair few miles on the Rothan around and about and on Family walks, to that end I bought her a CNOC 14" just as her brother was getting a 20" wheeled bike for his birthday last month, due to the recent snow and very cold weather neither had riden their new bikes much but yesterday afternoon while he was at school we took the little out on the bike without the stabilizers and the seat dropped as low as it goes, she had a few tumbles but managed over 30 mins ridding around, today we went out and her brother didnt even notice she didnt have them fitted but soon found her right behind him and raring to go and she had no falls or incidents at all.

Now its time to get both the Princess bike and Rothan cleaned up and sold on while she enjoys the CNOC and soon the joy's of the Trailgator bar.
A long winded story but what I'm trying to say is if anyone is toying with an Islabike or even a balance bike they are great, in the space of 2 months our 3 year old has come on loads while her friends who still try to ride Princess bikes and the like are struggling.
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