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Eric CartmanEric Cartman Posts: 23
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Can anyone give me an idea how this works?

I want to try and get to Belgium later in the year and give it a go but I dont know where to start. First of all i'm struggling to understand the classifications needed for race entry. I keep seeing references to Elite zc/u23 which I assume means entry only to elite riders and under 23s but this seems to be all I can see - Is there no equivalent of an E/1/2 race?

Also if i am to go over do i need to do this via a Belgian club or can I get entry as I would just now? If it is via the Belgian club how do i go about getting selected them?


  • giropaulgiropaul Posts: 414
    The link above is useful. To give meaningful advice it would be useful to know how old you are, what UK category and where in Belgium you will be staying. That's mainly because there a fair few federations as well as the BC equivalent. These offer races for a wider ability and age range. These federations are pretty geographic as well. For some federations you may need a TLI licence, or get a licence when you are there.
  • when i have been in belgium i have raced under a belgie team and for my club, all you need to do is turn up to a race, 1.12b races are open to all as far as i know, take your bc licence and a permission letter to say you are insured by BC for racing over there, most of the older organisers don't ask to see this but some of the younger ones do. At your first race with will take down your details and sort you out with a card that has a bar code on it so for future races they just scan it and your details come up on their computer, couldn't be easier, all races i have done are 8 euros then when you take you number back at the end of the race they give you 5 euro back, prize money is normally down to at least 30, so it is worth sprinting for minor placings. Oh and you will need your own pins, luckily they more often than not only have one number with there is a piece of paper at sign in telling you which side you need to put it, sometimes there is frame numbers but if you do not have a number mount you can just cable tie it
  • Thanks for the link and the tips.

    I'm 25 and Cat 2 here (US)... it is similar to the UK (but it starts at Cat 5 rather than 4). As for where in Belgium im openminded on that. I cant speak French or Flemish, so im going to be going there as a stereotypical dumbfuck wherever I end up :D
  • giropaulgiropaul Posts: 414
    It's actually better to stick to English than try French in a Flemish area or vice versa!

    I'd try the Wielerbond racing, but also keep in mind the "free Federation" events.

    Gives you an idea of what a range there is.
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 21,111
    Try learning at least a few words of each, Hello, Good bye, please, thakyou etc. It will melt the most stony of hearts...

    And good luck!!
    We're in danger of confusing passion with incompetence
    - @ddraver
  • Got my flights booked now! Going to spend 2 weeks in France first to do some riding with a few guys in my club and see some of the tour then they leave and im on my own and head up to Belgium for 6 weeks. The training is going good the saving money to afford it all less so!
  • protoproto Posts: 1,475
    Try and have a word with Patrick Schils (ex-pro rider, Belgian), who now runs/owns

    I met him at Hog Hill** one afternoon last year, and he handed over his business card. A really helpful and friendly guy. He said if any of my race crew ever fancied a go at racing in Belgium, then to give him a call. He still has plenty of contacts and his son races over there.

    ** IIRC he was riding the 3rd cat event, but was carrying a few kilos too many for the Hoggenburg to be at the sharp end!
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