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Small Bag for Commute

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So, I'm after a bag. Quite a small one. But I don't know if such a thing exists...

I'm starting back on my full commute next week (I bike-train-bike in the darker months) of about 20 miles each way. I've got a locker at work and there are some days when I have to drive in, so getting most of my stuff to work is pretty easy. Ultimately the only things I need to take with me on a daily basis are my food, mobile, and occasionally a few small bits of paperwork or electronic gadgets.

With that in mind, I don't really want to bother with fitting an entire pannier; neither do I want a rucksack heating my back up and making me sweatier. Does anybody know of anything smaller that would do the job? I suppose a bar bag would do, but I'm not really feeling the love for that idea. A messenger-style bag would maybe work, but would probably still be too big. Does anybody have any ideas for stuff that's a bit too big for jersey pockets, but not big enough to justify a full-sized bag?

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  • I use a carradice barley bag (and there's plenty of other options on their website): ... duct_id=43

    Waterproof and roomy enough for all the commuting essentials.

    If you don't have a brooks saddle you can get quick release fittings that attach to the seatpost which is handy if you're leaving the bike outside.
  • I use and love my carradice trunk bag/rack pack. just carries my lunch, waterproofs and a few tools tube, pump etc. It's very easy/quick to mount / unmount and has a shoulder strap for carrying about off the bike. very versatile bag, used to use a single pannier, but the trunk bag is a MUCH better tool for the job.

    only downside is ofc you need a rack to mount it on (although tbh, mine weighs almost nothing).

    Hope this helps.
  • I use an Innov-8 Race Pro 4 belt bag. Brilliant for commuting - I'm totally unaware of having it on when I'm riding and it will take a shirt on top of the 2 mobiles, Featherlite jacket, tubes, pump, keys, tool, CO2 canisters, wallet, work pass etc ... ck-p182450
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  • Have you looked at seat post pack, like the Altura Arran or Aero? I use a rack-top-mounted Arran and it's ideal for what you describe, very similar to me, just lunchbox, spare tube, etc. These are the same size but no rack required. Quick release so just clip off when you get to work and stick it in your locker. ... RE5N4LFN17
  • Bum bag/ hikers waist pack?
  • +1 for Carradice Barley
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