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Bicycle Holidays Max Hürzeler 167 - Majorca 28th April

vanleapovanleapo Posts: 150
I'm just about to sign up for the Bicycle Holidays Max Hürzeler 167 in Majorca at the end of April.
I was contemplating the Majorca 312, but I think 195 miles exceeds my endurance limit at this time of year.
I'm sure it will be 99% Germans on this sportive, but just wondering if any other forum members will be in Majorca at the end of April.

Also can anyone tell me if the road up the top of Puig Major is open to cyclists all year round or is it a closed military road?

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  • galatzogalatzo Posts: 1,295
    Road is closed most of the year from what I know. Opens for the Sportive in Mallorca toward the end of September and then not alweays right the way up from what I know, think it's called the Trenca garrones or something.
    I'm in Mallorca in about 4 weeks and can't wait !
    And I think your right about the Max Hürzeler trip, they're about as German as Ullrich riding a Stork wearing Hugo Boss while drinking Lowenbrau and eating Wurst down an autobahn..
    However they will all speak better english than we do and it's only a day, not like your booking a week long package with them.
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  • The 167 route looks "a cracker" [ apologies to the late Frank Carson].

    Max Hurzeler is actually a Swiss outfit and I should imagine any sportif organized by them will be v well run - Vorsprung durch Technik in fact.

    Mallorcan sportifs are run quite differently than UK ones if you haven't done one before. You basically ride as a peleton with Civil Guard motor cycle outriders and a van/ambulance sitting on the wheel of the lantern rouge.
  • vanleapovanleapo Posts: 150
    I'm really looking forward to this.
    It's my third time cycling in Majorca, but the first time I've done a sportif.
    I'll gladly sit in a large peloton and get towed along to the big climbs.
    Tearfund Tour of Scotland 26th May to 1st June 2013
  • CrimmeyCrimmey Posts: 207
    I can't decide where to go. I looked at Majorca - cheap, too cheap? Any decent hotels in a decent area that does really good food. I couldn't see anything that looked nice. That sportive would be slap bang in the middle of my holiday. Could be very interested. Looked at Lanzarote, double the price but guarenteed superb all inclusive however it looks very windy and there's a Triathlon I could do on the 28th. Thought about near Alicante like Murcia ish too but too cold? less windy? ARghghghgh Needs to be near good shopping ( big Malls and/or markets) or the Missus won't let me ride the bike.
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