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Knee/Elbow pads for 6 year old???

CharlieHCharlieH Posts: 410
I'm trying to coax my 6yo son into getting out on his bike a bit more but he had a big spill last summer and is a bit apprehensive. He sees me going out riding with 661 Kyle straits knee pads on and has decided he wants some too.

If it will give him a bit more confidence then I'm happy with that but all the "kids" pads I've looked at are very cheap/badly fitting/bulky and look awfully uncomfortable. Does anyone know of any good knee/elbow pads for kids?


  • Mike HealeyMike Healey Posts: 1,023
    We've had kids turning up to the club with them on and they usually discard them within a few sessions when they see other kids not wearing them. As for any possible discomfort, he's not likely to be riding for long enough for them to cause any.

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  • craigw99craigw99 Posts: 224
    i got my 8year old 661 pads out of halfords they were on a web offer £30 for both i think. depending on size they may fit as his little brother(just turned6) nicks them sometimes!
    opinions are worth exactly what you pay for them ;-)
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  • matiskomatisko Posts: 22
    I've used Lizard skins soft neoprene elbow and knee pads for both my kids. v.light, comfy and not too pricey at around £17. would recommend them.
  • CharlieHCharlieH Posts: 410
    I got the 661 ones from Halfords as I wear 661 Kyle Straits and he thought is was great "being like daddy"

    His confidence went right up with them on and now we have the stabilisers off
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,735
    You could try Argos as only £7.99 and at that price it doesn't matter if they don't use them more than once.
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