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CrankbrotherCrankbrother Posts: 1,695
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The soles on my DMT's decided to disbond from the shoe the other week after getting a road salt and deisel soaking in the bad weather ... I have hopefully found a new pair of shoes at the 3rd attempt (fingers crossed CRC live up to their offer) but as a 'just to see if this actually works' I was thinking of trying to repair my old shoes which are in good condition other than the sole and an equivelant shoe is now >£200 ... Even if it's just to wear on the spin bike it must be worth a go, no?

Anyone ever tried anything similar?


  • I posted very similar question just a while ago -


    Ordered some ShoeGoo from Amazon and it worked perfectly (complete with hilareous warning signs on the tube as an added bonus!). Thanks again to Monty Dog :!:

    Hope this works as well for you
  • Remove insole, clamp sole to shoe, drill pilot holes, use a silicone gun to inject the pilot holes with a smear of exterior sealant, rivet gun and enjoy!

    (insert insole ;) )
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  • Cobblers?
  • I've used araldite to put my mavic zyleiums back together after the sole broke away after 2 90 mile rides! No warranty so glued them
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