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6'7" on a 25" Trek FX? Alternatives?

pumpkinhead456pumpkinhead456 Posts: 8
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I am going to join the c2w scheme run through Halfords, however I am rather huge in height, if not in weight (13.5st).
Struggling to find commuting bikes big enough even before trying any. Does anyone have experience of the 25" Trek fx - ie would I fit? It would not have been my first choice of bike as it seems a touch slow, a bit upright and apparently not the best on downhills. My commute is 5 miles, downhill there, uphill back.
Sadly bike shops tend not to stock XL frames so trying different bikes is near impossible. I did consider the Giant Rapid and Spec Sirrus but feel they may be too cramped.
Are there alternatives that Iam missing? Any help much appreciated!


  • RiggaRigga Posts: 939
    MOst bike shops will get you any size in stock if you pay a refundable deposit, if you don't like the bike you get the money back, if you buy the bike the money comes off the price. That's what i did with Evans. For what its worth im 6ft 5ins and ride a 21" specialized so im sure a 23" one would fit you?

    Edit: sorry just realised you need to use Halfords? Doh, Voodoo are great bikes from Halfords and do this 29er in 22.5ins... ... yId_165499
  • Thanks very much for the response Rigga. I will get in touch with Halfords, who will order in the majority of bikes anyway, and see what I can do. Not sure if they would order in a bike from another company for me to try...
    Also a mountain bike would be no good, it's an unsprung urban commuter all the way for me :)
  • bobinskibobinski Posts: 570
    6ft 8 inch colleague is taking delivery of a cube road bike tomorrow. Largest side fits him almost perfectly. 2nd from bottom in the range, cannot recall name but reviewed favourably by c-plus in the more expensive version, approx £1000. Frame is the same. Only difference is groupset and tyres. Worth seeing if Halfords will order you one in.
  • I phoned Halfords who were very helpful. If I wanted to buy a Trek I would order it through Alpine Bikes, who will order the bike for me to try if I pay a full deposit. Luckily I have space on my credit card! they could also order Giant and Specialized through other independent companies, these would be delivered directly to my home or work.
    I will give the Trek a shot and see what happens!
  • smeatsmeat Posts: 11
    jamis makes some big cool bikes for under 1000$ cdn with gears brakes and fenders. they have a 62 cm at my lbs.

    im your height and i had to go through the same struggle. lucky i got a sweet used bike cause one of my lbs is owned by a gorilla.
  • Just in case someone stumbles over this in the future, the answer is yes! The Trek certainly has a big enough frame from seat post to pedals however the reach is quite short. I bought the bike in the end but will no doubt splash out on a new stem soon.
    Bike is great, glad I got it.
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