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GPS tracker security worth considering? eg Garmin

ajmitchellajmitchell Posts: 203
edited February 2012 in Road buying advice

I was wondering if anyone is using (or considering) a GPS tracker system on their bikes? some have a very short battery life but others like the Garmin GTU10 can be set to respond only when pinged, extending the life over weeks. The idea is that if the bike is stolen you could track it down (or track down whatever is left of it!).

anyone who has tried it. Where is the best place on the bike? Will it fit in the seat-tube?



  • If your looking for something bike friendly, checkout the spylamp. Seems this might have a reasonable battery life and wont look out of place on a bike.

    Not use it myself, but would consider it if I didn't have access to secure bike storage.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    There was one doing the rounds last week thats a GPS tracker in the headset. Not quite sure if you had to replace the headset with it or if it was functional - but a thief wouldnt spot it.

    Best thing is not letting the bike get nicked in the first place I reckon. Spend the money on extra locks or a hack bike if you have to leave it somewhere dodgy ?
  • After posting my reply, I had a quick check and there is an "updated" version called the SpyBike that fits in some headsets. Its discussed in this thread.

    Gotta love the "advice".....Don't let your bike get nicked in the first place :roll:
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