Girls in Low Cut Tops


  • way heeey, get stuck in there.
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    Unfair on the bloke, he was only looking at her necklace :wink:

    I remember a story told by an old actor or director about a party once held in Hollywood. The do had been arranged by a major cinema production company as a "press meet the stars" sort of affair. At one point a short photographer got the chance to dance with Jane Russell/Mansfield or another of the current cleavage blessed actresses of the day. His face was level with her cleavage, and realising that this was chance of a lifetime, he stuck his head in there and went bluergh, bluergh, bluergh. Of course, he was wrenched out by the collar, kicked out and later sacked by his paper. When the actress heard about his dismissal, she insisted that he got his job back saying, " it wasn't a problem, what else could he have done?".

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    Apparently she's got blue eyes :wink:
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    Stanley222 wrote:
    She looks awful!
    I'd do her.
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    As the French (come on FF) would say, "Il y'a du monde au balcon".
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    Stanley222 wrote:
    She looks awful!

    Maybe Kelly's more to your liking :D

  • very much so!
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