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Training twice a day

DaliusDalius Posts: 10
edited February 2012 in Health, fitness & training
I'm not English, thus sorry for mistakes.
Recently I started training two times a day on Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun (only once a day - ride): early morning - short (~20-30 min) but hard resistance training, after work - ~60 min intervals on a indoor trainer (at the moment, due to much snow outside). The intervals always vary. Sometimes I do longer ride on Sundays, but my races usually last for about 1:30h.
So I wanted to ask for your opinions about that training program. So far I feel fairly well, it seems that my legs are getting stronger faster. Does anyone do like that, or is it better to avoid such combination?


  • Hi there, firstly, there is nothing wrong with your English :)

    There is nothing wrong with training twice a day, sounds like it's working for you at the moment. I would definitely recommend doing quite a few longer rides as well, just keep track of how tired you are and take rest if you need it. I regularly train twice a day and don't have any problems.
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