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Insurance - any advice?

Mr_GrinchMr_Grinch Posts: 21
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I've been cycling for a few years now (mostly on a second hand hybrid) but I've just bought my first new bike. It's "only" cost me £430 (sale price, down from £575 previous year, Revolution Cross Sport '11 from EBC) but that's still a fair whack of cash to leave outside the office each day, chained to the cycle racks.

Any advice on a good insurance company? I was tempted to go through my home insurance but I'm concerned if I put in a claim my premium could go up, keeping it separate seems like a good idea.

A quick google search shows up a number of options, but I've no idea who has a good reputation and who doesn't.

Cycle Guard are one of the first to pop up and seemingly one of the most customisable. To cover my bike (estimated value £475, I reasoned that being it was on sale if I was to replace it I may not be so lucky) they're offering:

£31 a year for basic insurance (just bike covered, no public liability, no roadside recovery, just UK cover). With public liability it pushes it up to £48 a year. I can't seem to find anything about an excess, any help?

E&L seem to offer it for £39.60 a year, excess with them is £59. That includes public liability.

I'd also probably need a new lock, whilst I have a Kryptolok U-lock it's the "series 1" (I assume) which isn't on the "sold secure" website and most insurers seem to say you need either a reciept or at least reliable pictures (and to eliminate doubt I'd rather have the receipt!).

Anyone any general insurance advice?


  • Daz555Daz555 Posts: 3,976
    Home contents worked out best for me pricewise so I went with that.
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  • I had a good experience with the ETA when I had to claim for a theft.

    I found that Cycleguard required my bike to be locked to an immovable object whilst being stored at home, as opposed to just being able to put it in a locked garage. So I didn't insure with them.
  • Turns out home contents was best for me too. I don't get personal liability, etc, but it only cost me an extra £9 for the year.

    £100 excess though, which is standard for my policy, but I can stomach that.
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