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short notice-delamere ride 29-2-12

chemicalvikingchemicalviking Posts: 284
edited February 2012 in MTB rides
my day off today so decided to go to delamere for some more down hill and maybe the 4x track if anyones about?
i will be in the main car park about 10:30 am ish in the silver civic and blue urge helmet. lets see what damage i can do today :lol:

Going again this morning for a blast if anyones about, will be in the car park for about 10:30am


  • theshrewtheshrew Posts: 169
    Anything new at Delamere mate ? Ive not been for ages
  • nothing really mate, do you know of toms tunnel? it got trashed when the did all the forestry work but apparently there is a new one. i just went up old pale which was boggy and slipy as hell, i might go up one day and look to add some new bits and fix it up.

    then went and had a play near the 'no brains' section and did some of the down hill runs there and it was a lot drier.
    it just needs some tlc that place as it could be very good.
  • theshrewtheshrew Posts: 169
    No not sure where that is mate. Most of the time ive been has been around no brains type of area or just random paths ive followed off the fire road. Ive not been for about 9 months ish now as the Mrs has changed her job so im on kid watch at weekends.

    Hopefully will get chance to go soon even if its just a quick scoot round at night.
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