Trail Shorts with liners - commando or no?

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Started Trail riding hard this summer, often spending 4+ hours in the saddle. At first i wore walking shorts (rip curl / quicksilver ect) with scruds underneath - but soon realised that
a- it aint healthy
b- its damn uncomfortable.

Bought two pairs of these at a local LBS this week - nice fit / features... ... elID=61628

They come with liners with saddle cushioning.

Q is... do you reckon i should go commando underneath? i was thinking perhaps a pair of high cut compression shorts underneath - it struck me the the mesh liner fabric may chafe as bad as soggy trunks. what do people generally wear underneath lined trail shorts?

they also taper in at the bottom, so no one is gonna get a eye full of plum if if im scrudless underneath and have to stop at lights / roundabouts ect! Haa!


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    I go bollocky under the tight liner. That's what its for, its tight to avoid chafing as there's little movement against your skin. It also takes moisture away from the skin more easily than your normal boxers which would hold it at the skin and cause chafing. I would say to try both but don't, wearing boxers under the liners is not a good idea.
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    As above thats how theyre intended to be worn
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    You're not going commando though, as you have the inner shorts to act as your usual Y fronts.

    You said it yourself no one can see anything so why even ask the question, it's a no brainer, don't wear your pants.
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    As above thats how theyre intended to be worn


    Let off some steam, Bennett!

    (Commando thead. Had to be done.)

    No pants under inner shorts. Everything should be held in place unless you're some sort of Plunger Harris. A good liner should have some sort of antibacterial treatment too, so you can avoid getting crotch rot and other nasty sweat-realted conditions that wearing a soggy pair of grundies may cause.
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    As above, don;t wear anyhting under the lycra.
    I'd get proper bib shorts if you're wearing them on their own though.

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    commando, full time. Aigheee ;)
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    I may be one of few... But I always wear boxers ( usually lycra or something wicking not cotton ) underneath my bum pad..

    1, I Find it more comfortable.
    2. it doesn't feel so much like a sanitary towel
    3. I don't get skiddy pads if things get hairy...
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  • As little as possible down there...Commando :o
  • One of those questions that a lot of people feel stupid asking, but when you get your first pair you always wonder! I remember googling the answer myself!
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