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Pannier bag for commuter

HokkaHokkaHokkaHokka Posts: 46
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I am just about to order a "Revolution Courier Race '11" for commuting to and from work everyday (5 miles each way)
I'm very new to all this so please excuse any ignorance on my part.
I will need a pannier to carry my shoes, trousers and shirt, my lunch and locks, pump etc.

I currently like the look of this: (Avenir Deluxe Double Pannier) ... n=pid12229

or if not, two of these: (Revolution Single Pannier) ... nnier-bags

If anyone, has any feedback or advice I would be very grateful.




  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,533
    Personally I would say two singles are better than a double - because I only run one side 95% of the time and a double is cumbersome - the single is so easy to carry.

    I would make sure to get something waterproof if using for commuting - non waterproof panniers just dont make any sense to me. I have the Altura Dryline and they have been good, but are a little more pricey.
  • RedmogRedmog Posts: 50
    + 1 for waterproof, mine have a rain cover in a zipped pocket at the top - there when I need it and no faff otherwise.

    Do you need to lug all that stuff with you? I keep a suit, shoes, towel & lock here and the pannier holds only a shirt,
    sarnies and waterproof which means I don't have creases in my suit!
  • Mr PlumMr Plum Posts: 1,097
    Waterproof can be more expensive so I've found that putting all your clothes etc into a 'Bag For Life' style plastic bag is very effective and has always kept my stuff dry.

    Just echoing the above - do you really need 2 panniers? My lock always stays locked to the bike stand, towel/shoes/trousers stay in the office...
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  • Hmmm, some very interesting points, thanks for the feedback.
    I think both of the options that I mentioned are "weatherproof"
    I'm actually starting a new job so I think I'll go in with a back pack for the first day to suss out storage & parking facilities etc and then make a final decision.
    Thanks again!
  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,164
    The rack top is needed for occasional oversized loads so I prefer to use clip-on separate bags with modern QR style hooks. Most commuters who use panniers use only one side.
  • I have these: ... d-panniers

    They've been great since I got them a year ago, no problems and waterproof.
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  • Thanks again everyone!

    @friedpizzabatter - Those do look good but a bit pricey. I'm about to buy a bike and the current favourite is from their shop (Revolution Courier Race '11) ....Might try and do a deal on the bags (fingers crossed)
  • They probably will discount if you buy a bike. If you're going to be using 0% 12 month deal though get them to agree to it before mentioning that's how you want to pay for it. Good luck. My sister managed to get 10% off her hybrid by pushing them a bit, so it's possible.
    Trek Domane 4.3. Merida One.forty 7.700. Merida CX 3. Voodoo Bizango
    "When the vulture flies sideways the moon has hair on his upper lip"
  • I dont leave anything on the bike that I would be upset to lose, so I use dirt cheap panniers off ebay and replace as necessary. They are pretty water resistant but not totally, so I use a carrier bag inside to protect stuff.

    I also use 2 singles, its not often that I carry both.

    Do you really need to carry clothes - 5 miles isn't v far, you could do that without getting any sweatier than you do walking around on a summer day and I expect you dont shower & change then? I potter all over the place in a day on my bike in normal clothes. But I do keep "freshen up" gear stashed at work or in the pannier and if its a longer trip or a warmer day I take a spare top.
  • Cool, thanks for the advice guys!
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