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Looking for an old fashioned metal child's trike

I am expecting my first child in 10 weeks time. I am obviously extremely excited and can't wait until the 18 month milestone when i can get him a trike. I know its a long way off but i wondered if anyone knew of any manufacturers of old fashioned metal trikes. We used to have a Raleigh one when i was a kid and it lasted my 3 sisters and I for years (each of us until we were about 3 years), unfortunately during a house move it got lost. The trike was pretty much completely metal, other than a rubber strip wrapped around the tyres and it was red,yellow and blue (the classic Raleigh colours). If anyone knows of a vintage bike manufacturer or refurbisher that may be able to supply me with one I would be very grateful. I have looked at Pashley but i think their trikes are too big for an 18 month year old. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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