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zinduzindu Posts: 50
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Hi all, it happen to me once, when i left my bike just 5 minutes and when came back my bike was stolen in busy city center, luckily my bike was worth about €50.

since then i am more curious and bought myself a better bike and a big chain with big locker but still i worry to take my bike every where, my advice to those with expensive bike is to take your bike only to those place that you can secure your bike for example college cycling track or garage in your work place, at the end it is up to you.

i opened this topic for those who are not aware about thieves and i have a nice video for you, hope it help you about your decision, because i hear every time that some bike was stolen, also no one of us should buy a theft bike because it is like we are literally stealing the bike, i had opportunity to buy a new stolen bike for cheap price but i was not happy to do that, because it is not good you take other's money and no one happy if their bike stolen.

any way here are the 2 parts link of the TV program:

part 1 ... re=related

part 2 ... re=related

take care of your self and your bike and cycle safely


  • cheers for posting the programs, they are very interesting.
  • zinduzindu Posts: 50
    you are welcome
  • mikelskasmikelskas Posts: 57
    Just watched them myself. Got to admit though it boils the blood to see thieves taking the bikes so easily in broad daylight without anyone intrvening!
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