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Eastern Road Race League & West Mids RRL

hammeritehammerite Posts: 3,408
edited February 2012 in Amateur race
Anyone know if either of these leagues usually fill up their races with in area/club member riders?

I ride for an out of area/non member club for both of these, but there are some races in both within reasonable distance of home, so I was thinking of entering some. I'm putting together a list of races to enter for the season, and if these would be impossible to get into I need to look for other races.


  • ERRL races are 95% filled by member clubs. Later in the season (say July onwards) there is a small change of getting a place if you are not part of an ERRL club but no chance before that. Reserves used to be selected at the discretion of the organiser but I think that now has to be ERRL members first as well.
  • hammeritehammerite Posts: 3,408
    Thanks WJC. As a club we'd join ERRL, but we couldn't commit to running a race this year, I think we'd struggle to squeeze a race on our home circuit as it's already used for 3 races (2 are ERRL I think) and the residents may not be too happy.
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