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How accurate is it? I thought it would be a lot more accurate then my sigma comp but have found some massive anamolies with it.

Went out for a 35 mile ride with my mate who has a Garmin and it showed I'd done less then half of the climbing that he'd done which I know is not right. Also, on Saturday it showed me doing 72 miles rather then the 83 which I know to be correct. I usually have some differences between Endomondo and the Sigma but these are huge.

I thought with Endomondo being GPS based it would be a lot more accurate but I'm starting to think the opposite.

Can anyone shed any light?


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    its not going to be Endo's end its more like poor GPS signal from your mobile

    i use Samsung galaxy ace with modded gps settings mine is perfect everytime on mileage the only thing i see if wrong is the calories way out compared to my garmin FR70

    what phone are you using by the way ??
  • Thanks for your reply.

    Using a Blackberry Bold 9700.
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    id look into gps fixes // settings see if anyone has written an upgrade to fix faster and more reliable

    i use a thing called GPS STATUS locks your position 1st thing and then start endo my fix is 3 seconds and excellent never misses a beat
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    I use Endomondo regularly and have found it very accurate with the distance, not so sure about elevation. Only got a cheap (compared to some) sony ericsson X8.
    SOLITUDE. It's not for everyone.

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    The distance on Endomondo matches up very well with my Polar computer. Altitude and gradient is always a bit of a struggle as it will rely on the base map information they have, it's the same with all the web based tracking software like Map My Ride etc.
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    easy way to check look at your route and see what times you have done for a split / mile

    if its loads longer than normal its the gps signal that's missed, i like endo it just works my old iphone had issues with poor gps (with endo and freecaddie wasn't accurate at all)
  • Hi Skyblue, I use a blackberry bold 9700,
    the only problems I incurred when started using Endomondo, it use to freeze and then I would have to reboot the phone, I then erased a lot of my apps off the phone and has not froze since.

    It might be an app that is causing your problem, tried mine against my garmin and they both had same readings,only difference was the calorie count.
    Hope this helps.