Noob question - rear derailleur

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Afternoon folks,

I have an old specialized allez and i'm looking to replace the rear derailleur for various reasons. I'm keepeing the 'orrible Shimano 2300 shifters which are only 8 speed. My questions is can I use the following derailleur (10 speed) with my 8 speed shifters? ... elID=67251

Also what dictates if I need the short or medium cage?

Thanks in advance 8)
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    Yes you can use that rear derailleur with an 8 speed set up. The total range of movement of the derailleur is the same for 8, 9, or 10 speed. It's the shifters that determine the indexing.

    As for cage length, it's to do with chain capacity (look on Sheldon Brown's website). However, use a medium cage if you have a triple, a short if it's a double/compact