2012 World Championship - Event schedule and BBC coverage

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Hello all,

Like a lot of people on here I suspect, I am transfixed by the track cycling, and having attended the Saturday session at Stratford, my allegiance is complete.

This led me to thinking about two things, firstly the World championships this year in Aus, and secondly the 2013 Championships being staged in Belarus.

First things first – I found the schedule for Australia online here: http://www.2012trackworlds.com.au/event ... -schedule/

And converted the times to UK times, i tried to paste this below, but the formatting all goes to sh1t unfortunately, so after 15 minutes I gave up.

In a nutshell the UK times are as follows:
Wednesday 4th April:
Afternoon session: 06:00 - 08:05
Evening session: 10:00 - 12:25

Thursday 5th April:
Afternoon session: 04:30 - 08:15
Evening session: 10:00 - 14:30

Friday 6th April:
Afternoon session: 04:30 - 08:10
Evening session: 10:00 - 14:05

Saturday 7th April:
Afternoon session: 04:00 - 07:50
Evening session: 10:00 - 14:10

Sunday 8th April:
Afternoon session: 05:30 - 07:50
Evening session: 10:00 - 13:20

What I am trying to work out, is whether it is worth me taking the Wednesday and Thursday as leave to see the evening sessions on these days, which will be mid-morning UK time, or if in fact, the BBC will actually show these live?
Also not sure whether they will bother to show the afternoon sessions, as would be happy to get up at 04:30 to watch if they were!
If the BBC are not going to show that much or all of it, what channel, subscription or otherwise would you recommend for an addict such as myself?
I would dearly like to see all the rounds of the world championship as well you see.
I will post another thread about Belarus in due course ;-)

Look forward to seeing your replies :D

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    Save the leave and watch it in work on BBC iPlayer :wink:

    It will probably be on red button and possibly BBC2 (it has been in recent years) but I can't find a schedule for it on the BBC website yet.