Old bike new forks?

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A mate of mine has a 19.5" Giant ATX 870 1997 model as per link below, but with RST MOZO Comp forks. (the specced forks in the link are Rock Shox Indy XC with 72mm of travel I think)

http://www.bikepedia.com/quickbike/Bike ... &Type=bike

This was a good bike in it's day and he loves the way the it rides, but is hankering after some new forks. (I think he should prob keep the bike retro and put the money towards a Rockrider as a second bike in due course, but then it's not my money!)

So the question is, would the bike benefit from new forks, will it cope with 80-85mm of travel and any suggestions? Budget is pretty limited - c £100 I think. He's currently looking at Rockshox 2012 xc28 or Suntour XCR 011 series 2012.

Typical riding is semi technical single track and trail centres. Left me in his wake on the MBR route with his 16 year old bike and 72mm of travel!

Thanks fo any input.


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    He should follow the same axle-to-crown length of the fork - the travel isn't the decisive factor. Also, I would be tempted to buy used, you will get more performance for the money - both xc28 or XCR don't have proper damping. Something in the Tora or Epicon range respectively will do fine.
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    He needs to check what size steerer the bike has. It may be one inch rather than the 1 1/8" of many modern forks.

    Also, you need to find something with V brake mounts.

    Has he considered a rigid carbon fork, from carboncycles.cc ?

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  • Thanks for the replies. A rigid fork isn't an option - he still gets some travel out of the current fork and it is better travel that he's hoping to achieve by making the switch.
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    in that case look as a 80mm Reba or Sid. or maybe and old 80mm Marzocchi MX
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    In the specs, the headset is 1 1/8 threadless, so it will be fine :)
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  • This thread is about my Giant ATX870 :)

    Thought I would update the forum thread to maybe help anyone else in same situation .....

    I have now replaced the old RST MOZO Comp forks (with worn bushings) with RockShox XC30TK 80mm travel version. Also included was handlebar poploc for lockout. Got them new on ebay :)

    These forks are similar in looks to the old RST's (I wanted to keep the original looks of the bike as far as possible) and have massively improved the bike handling - 80mm travel has not really affected the geometry and are a great upgrade - very, very pleased with the result.