Thorn... lucky!

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Just found this whilst hosing the bike down...



  • What plant grows those thorns?
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    There's lots of Hawthorn around my way. The thorn was really tough - felt like it was surgical sharp and made out of wood-coloured steel! Had quite a hard time getting it back out. Luckily it didnt penetrate the tyre wall which seems perfectly fine.
  • I had one of those F888ers a while back and stopped to take it out only cause it catching the fork and the noise was annoying me on each rev - course as soon as I pulled it out whoossh !!! what a div! :oops:
  • I noticed a thorn as I was riding this morning. It has not caused a puncture. Am I okay to try and take it out of the tyre or could that cause a puncture?
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    It will probably cause a puncture but better to fix it at home in the warm and dry ;)
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    This thread is only 2 years old!!! just start a new one LOL!

    PS my original thorn pic not showing anymore, but it was a BIG scary bugger of a thorn!! Amazed it didnt puncture!