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Groin Strain Recovery Time?

RozzaRozza Posts: 75
I pulled my groin last Monday in the gym and was wondering roughly how long they take to heal. I've been stretching and had a gentle session on the turbo last night which didn't cause that much discomfort.

Do I have to give it complete rest or can I work it as long as its not smarting too much.
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  • I've recently done this too(roughly 6 weeks ago) and it's recurring, I did nothing for two weeks in the hope it would get better, but it turns out I strained my groin, and my glute muscle also so I have a loss of power in the muscles. I've been to a sports therapist, he recommended about 3-4 weeks of rest, gentle stretching is good and icing the area is also good if there is swelling. I have also been massaging the area and I've just got some compression shorts designed for muscle strain to prevent future strains. It's been a nightmare, but just be careful not too aggravate it further or it will take longer to heal!
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