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Wiggle, what kind of discount?

ih007ih007 Posts: 67
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HI all,

I'm looking to get some GPS goodness from Wiggle soon, will be adding up to around £400. I know that they're always doing promotions etc, I was wondering if someone who knows from experience might be able to advise me what to hang on for - e.g., a 15% off baskets over...etc might be coming up at easter or something. I know theres a £15 off deal on at the moment, but I can hang on a while if it helps me out. Ta!


  • Have you checked Handtec?
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  • ih007ih007 Posts: 67
    Yeah, they're more expensive. Plus I have a fair wedge of gift vouchers to use, so Wiggle 'tis.
  • mfinmfin Posts: 6,726
    Find the best price... if its Handtec, Halfords at the moment, whatever, then ask them to price match.... Then use your vouchers anyway, give that a shot.

    When I asked them to do this and they agreed, I had to put through the order, immediately email the bloke who agreed to it and he knocked the money off and I was charged the lesser amount on my card.
  • Not sure which bundle but I'd be suprised if Wiggle were cheaper.

    Even the 15% off is NOT 15% off. It's 15% off the RRP normally, so, if you're a platinum customer another 3% off the existing 12%.

    Performance and Mapping bundle is about £335 at Handtec. Get Wiggle to price match it as above. If you can
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  • ih007ih007 Posts: 67
    Perhaps I should've been a bit more specific here, I'm not looking at an Edge unit, it's the Forerunner 910XT HRM bundle plus the cadence sensor. This is currently out of stock but is due in at the end of the month (supposedly, long delayed!). Wiggles price is the cheapest or is thereabouts, and my £70 vouchers makes it the best place to buy. As I said, I can wait a little while so I'm weighing up if I should get my pre order in, or wait hopefully for a seasonal discount offer in the near future.
  • Ah, then yes, deffo the cheapest. I take it your a triathlete/runner?

    Vouchers will help. You may find there's a discount code at some point but normally it's "only" 15%.

    Are you already a platinum customer? Base model currently shows as £316 for me or £343 with HRM

    This is cheaper mind: ... 3f13f0eb81
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  • ih007ih007 Posts: 67
    Well, my training revolves around swim bike and run, but i dont enter triathlons so i'm not sure if i qualify as a triathlete or not! I think i would prefer to buy new rather than get one from ebay so that i get the warranty. A 15% discount would do nicely at these kinds ofprices, i guess i'll be biding my time for a while then! And you just know that as soon as i cant wait anymore and get one at full price, the next daywill be offers galore..
  • ilm_zero7ilm_zero7 Posts: 2,213
    just one word FOR wiggle - ordered stuff 10 am Friday - delivered (standard delivery) 8:45 am Saturday - brilliant ! and haribos too!
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  • ih007ih007 Posts: 67
    Oh yeah, I'm happy to order from them, I've always had great service from them so no worries there. Just wondered if anyone had spotted a sales pattern basically!
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