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Tarmac SL4 or SL3?

andy40manandy40man Posts: 21
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New bike time, well I'm worth it :)

LBS have offered 10% off of Tarmac Pro SL4 with SRAM RED and I've found a new 2011 SL3 Pro with Dura-ace for a little bit less. I've not used SRAM kit on any of my previous bikes so wondered which would you chose?

I guess both will be great, can I really be fussy enough to go on colour of frame i.e. matt black or gloss white? :oops:

Thoughts appreciated


  • Geometry is a little different, the SL3 has a longer headtube than the SL4.
  • bristolpetebristolpete Posts: 2,255
    SL4 has 10mm off the head tube, but new cobra shape for bigger down tube leading to massive BB which is stiffer than the SL3. The SL4 also has a less harsh head-tube area. Revised seat stays. I would buy an SL4 of the two. Feels stiffer where needed and climbs like a goat on crack. I have an SL3 which is lovely but bought a Venge so sticking with SL3.
  • Go on colour,

    you're not fast enough to appreciate the difference in stiffness, but unless you are colour blind, you will always regret buying the ugly one
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  • Evil LaughEvil Laugh Posts: 1,412
    The difference in headtube length depends on the frame size.

    On smaller sizes it's the same, bigger sizes 20mm.

    The sl4 SRAM red frame is oddly appealing to me but I don't care for the bits hanging off it!
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