Using armband for phone on the stem?

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Anyone mounted there phone to the stem using an armband? does it work ok? Want to use the phones gps navigation when on new routes (no sense of direction).


  • I've generally had bad experiences with mounting phones on bikes...
  • pipipi
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    It sound useful but I'd be worried that it distract me from concentrating on the road, just when I should be concentrating at a junction.

    I have my iPhone in my back pocket. I have a good idea where I'm heading by looking at a map beforehand. If I want to check the map ( I use Strava, fab) then I time it for a drink stop.
  • How about the purpose built phone mounts, they look abit crap to me but never used one. I dont plan on mounting some £500 superphone just a fairly cheap one (samsung galaxy y). Although im not sure how tight the armbands go, a stems alot thinner than a bicep. Just found an app where i can follow my pre determined gpx routes so want to give it a go. Cant justify an Edge 800 atm.
  • I've got one of these for my iPhone:

    Mount it on the stem. Phone screen locked most of the time, but easy to swipe it open and have a glance at the map/speed/distance etc (only when safe obviously...) ... CTOP0048KK
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    I've used and armband mounted iophone on stem in past before i got a garmin, it worked absoloutely fine, tho' just about all my cycling is in the countryside not towns!
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