Boardman Hybrid Team and Ritchie Bar Ends

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Hi all,

I got some Ritchie Bar Ends in the post today for my new Boardman Hybrid Team. I am struggling to fit the bar ends, do I need to cut off some of the grip that is currently on the bike to accommodate the bar ends?



  • apreading
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    I didnt need to. What you will need to do (if you havent already) is move the gear changer, brake lever and grip towards the centre of the bar, so that there is enough bar outside the grip for the bar ends to use.

    What I did find is that the bar end caps which came with the Boardman were too big to go on the end with the Ritchies in place - so I used a smaller set I already had - end caps are cheap as chips unless you want something special though.
  • Thanks, all sorted now.