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Hello, I have had my Cube attempt triple road bike 12 months now, just bought a chain checker, and now need a new chain CN-5600 I can still get hold of, but the CS-5600 12-27 cassette seems to have been discontinued,

I would just change the chain but I must have done about 3,000 mile on the present cassette and chain. please tell me the best solution.


  • Assuming it is rideable just now - put on a new chain and if it works ok great - if it doesn't then the cassette is too worn so put the old chain back on (store the new chain) and ride it until it's unrideable. Once that happened the chain and cassette are done so get a new cassette and stick your new chain on.
  • Just get a new chain and cassette and ride your bike. If you've got 3000miles on the old cassette the likelihood is that the new chain will jump all over the place on it. The CS-600 can be bought from all over the place, but it is pretty cheap here:
  • There's one thing thats an important consideration for me when deciding whether to scrape the last out of a chain and cassette, how do you ride your bike ?
    I like to honk on hills, out of the saddle and really give it some. That stops me squeezing the last ounce out of a chain, i'd sooner fit a new one too early and feel safe. I don't want a snapped chain just when i'm putting maximum effort down.
    But, if your style and pace is steady...wishits advice seems fair.
  • how stretched is it?

    I use a park chain measurer, it has a .75 and 1 mm measurement. if the chain is only at .75 I'll just change the chain. I find that I can get 3 chains out of a cassette if I use this method.

    so if stretch is under 1mm then just change the chain, it should be fine :)
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    Definitely just try a new chain first. Give it a couple of rides and it may be fine or need a bit to bed in.
    Dont buy the new cassette unless you've tried the chain and its definitely not working with the old cassette.
  • Thank you for your replies, will try the new chain first,

    The old chain and cassette are still ok no jumping or slipping. I only checked it with it being on the bike 12 month,
    Just would not like it to snap while out on a ride.
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    I've done a similar mileage on my 105 5600 chain and it's currently only a smidge over 0.5% wear, so you should be fine.

    Most chain checkers aren't actually very good at measuring chain stretch as the measurement is affected by roller wear.
  • Chains do not stretch; they develop wear in the roller bearings which makes the chain appear to have lengthened. If you lay the chain on a flat surface and push all the links together, you can actually make a worn chain appear shorter.
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