Presta Valve Spare Parts?

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This is a vague question as I don't know the name of the part I'm after.

Anyway, my wife's tyres were flat so decided to pump them up for her, unscrewed the plastic dust cap and proceeded to unscrew the tiny screw at the top of the valve. You know, the screw that stops the tiny valve having any movement at the the top the one to unloosen to inflate :) anyway I've seemed to have unscrewed the whole thing out of the valve body... The 'thing' flew off into the darkest part of the garage never to be seen again!! Does anyone know if these replacements can be found and by what name they go by?

It's just a shame the tube is now useless, I'm now going to Vaz these screws on all new replacements to avoid this in the future!


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    normally they are not replaceable.

    have a look at somewhere that stocks tubeless kits for MTBs they often have Presta cores.

    'I would say a new tube would be easier and if it has a removable core fit that and keep the tube as a spare.
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    You can get the complete valve cores, they are freely available, presuming removable valve cores in your tubes
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    As per Nick suggestion really, by a new tube and keep that as a repairable spare, after checking to see if it is a remoevable core and not just broken of course, I've seen Presta where the thin stem snaps and that top locknut etc flies off in which case the core is scrap if it is removeable, if it's not removeable the tube is only good for a chainstay protector (etc).

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    Thanks all,

    Think I'll just get a new tube... And when a time comes that I can salvage one I will do, in which time the rubber will probably have perished ;)