Canyon Ultimate CF 9.0 versus Cube GTC Pro or Race

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I've been riding a 2009 Specialised Tricross Sport Triple since I started cycling this time last year. It's equipped with 28mm gatorskins and I have the bars dropped about as low as they'll go so it's not far from being a slightly overweight road bike with comfy tyres. However I'm considering moving to a purpose built road bike this summer.
My budget would be somewhere in the range of €1500 to €2000. The bike to work scheme is a possibility which would knock about €500 off the cost if I can get the bike locally.

I'm looking for something light, reliable and comfortable enough to spend several hours in the saddle. I'm not doing any racing but might do some entry level stuff at some point.

I've been looking at the Canyon Ultimate CF 9.0 and the Cube Agree GTC Pro as the frontrunners.
Both get great reviews. The Canyon may edge it on spec but being mail order from Germany I'd have to pay full price.
Cube GTC Pro Agree = €1900 approx (-€1400 if I can get it on BTW)
Canyon Ultimate CF 9.0 = €2099

Is the Cube Agree GTC Pro a no-brainer if I can get it for €1400?
One disadvantage of the Canyon is obviously that I can't sit on one before buying.
Anyone had a ride on both and able to give a comparison.


  • I've ridden the Canyon but not the Cube so would be hard for me to give a comparison. At the price range you are looking to spend you are going to be better off trying out lots of brands as each make & model will feel very different and may not suit how you think it might & some will feel just right. Plus at this time of year there are still some good deals in the shops trying to move on 2011 stock to make way for 2012 stock and you should get a good discount.

    Not sure where you live but would do the rounds of your local bike shops and find out what they can do within your budget. Most LBS's live on the service they give and most are run by cyclists and will more than happily talk you through your options.
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    Hi Ai-1,

    I've ridden the Cube but not the Canyon! Cube is a lovely bike and the Canyon gets good reviews. For me the Cube would be a no brainer if you can get it for 1400 as I wouldn't personally buy a 2 grand bike that I couldn't test ride.


  • just come back from a test ride on a CUBE GTC Race. Dont know about the Canyon but blimey the gear you get with the Cb is incredible for the money and the ride is excellent.
    If your Pro comes with mainly Ultegra kit then it's a no brainer. I'd check the saddle though - I'm 100kgs and have gone for Sella Italia max flight gel flow instead of the factory supplied one as on a long ride I found it tried to change my gender somewhat.
  • Be aware that the wheels are a bit crap on the Pro, especialy if you are a heavier rider.
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    Thanks for all the feedback guys.
    Woodface wrote:
    Be aware that the wheels are a bit crap on the Pro, especialy if you are a heavier rider.
    Interesting. My brother has a Cube Streamer that came with Easton EA30 Custom wheels. He was very happy with the rest of the bike but found the wheels a constant problem - the spokes had a habit of loosening on a regular basis to the extent that he had to stop and check the spokes before every fast descent. He soon replaced the wheels.

    Do Cube have a policy of compromising on the wheels?
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    It's a general industry trend to compromise on the wheels, even on a lot of high-end bikes they've started putting low spec wheels assuming you'll just change them for race wheels etc.
    Cube looks a bargain at €1400, at full price I'd go with the Canyon though (they have a good returns policy so lack of a test ride isn't such a massive risk).